My name is Danielle Smith and I am a Digital Marketing Professional with specialties in Email Marketing, Copywriting and Graphic Design. Welcome to my website where you will find examples of my work which range from writing examples, photography, logo design and more. 


Advertising & Marketing Projects

Creating and planning are important aspects of the marketing process, but being able to bring it all together with market research and the industry reports, shows how and why a campaign will either be successful or a failure.

Advertising and Marketing Projects

My Resume

A comprehensive look at all of my skills and experience, and all the things I can bring to the table.


Digital Portfolio

At the Art Institute, I was able to learn from the basics and grow as a designer. Here you will see poster mock ups, logo designs and other examples of work done during my tenure.


Full Portfolio


Photography is a passion and a hobby, it shows a balance of art and life. 

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